Finding The Best Irish Wedding Photographer


Planning a wedding can be a tremendously stressful undertaking - there are simply so many things to organize. First, it's necessary to find that perfect venue. After that, it's a whirlwind of decisions and micromanagement. Selecting a caterer who will not only be able to provide incredible food - but also meet the dietary requirements of various guests. Then there is the seating plan, then there is the cake and the dress (and the Bridesmaids dresses) and what about the floral arrangements?. It can be a tremendously stressful time. However, the payoff will be a wedding function that will provide memories that last a lifetime.

Or will they?

No matter how memorable the wedding celebration the memories can dim with time - that is one of the reasons that a great Irish wedding photographer is essential. Another reason for retaining the services of a professional photographer is the quality of the images that you will receive - and those images can be shared with those who were not fortunate enough to attend the celebration.

So, how do you go about finding that perfect wedding photographer in Ireland?

Firstly do some research. The best way to find the perfect wedding photographer is to rely on the advice of family and friends. These are bound to be your most valuable and trusted sources of information. If you have attended a friend's wedding and seen the photographs - and you love them then there's a good chance that you will like the work that the photographer does if you select him to supply services at your own wedding.

The Internet is a great source of information about top wedding photographers such as Although social media is usually not 100% unbiased the nature of wedding photography is that it is visual. Pay a visit to sites like Instagram and take a look at the selection of wedding photographers that advertise their services - and examples of their work on-site. If you're on Instagram take a look at the feeds of well known and respected wedding magazines. Or simply do a search using popular hashtags such as #weddingbliss or #weddingphotos.

your wedding photographer will only be as good as the brief that you supply. It is extremely important that you let him or her know about the style of wedding photography that you prefer. Would it be the classic posed shots or something a bit more dynamic, perhaps you would like some of the shots in black and white? Their portfolio can give you some idea of their style. Online or print wedding magazines can help you explain the style that you are most interested in. Find a photographer who can meet and exceed your expectations.

Speaking of style. Make sure that you are selecting a photographer who has experience in taking great photos in the sort of surroundings that you will be enjoying at the reception. A photographer may be great at taking candid outdoor shots - but may not have as much experience when it comes to shooting in an urban environment. Make sure that you select someone with experience of certain settings.

Then there are the important questions surrounding the budget. Make sure that you raise the issue with the photographer you are evaluating. Most photographers will offer a variety of services which will each contribute to the overall costs. On more complex shoots the photographer may also require an assistant. Videography will require more planning and can be more expensive due to the equipment being used and the time required to produce professional-grade footage. Again - take a closer look at those Instagram pages - there's a good chance that if the photographer has been working with larger gatherings and celebrations or if their portfolio is skewed towards events at lavish, luxury venues then they are going to cost more.

The fact that weddings have a lot of moving parts in order to be successful can be very stressful - however, it can also work to your'll be dealing with florists, caterers and a variety of other service providers. There's a good chance they've been in the business for a while and have seen some great wedding photographers - and some not so great examples of the profession. Ask for their advice - most will be more than happy to drop some pearls of wisdom in your lap.

Then there is the matter of personality. if you do not feel a connection with your photographer it is unlikely that he or she will be able to empathize with you - and anticipate your needs -as well as having an insight into your unique tastes. Talk to the photographer about your 'vision' of the perfect day and what you want to be immortalized. If they share in your excitement and are proactive in their advice - you may have found a winner.

Finding that perfect Irish wedding photographer is just a matter of research and perseverance. Once you have settled on your perfect match in terms of a photographer you can turn your attention to what really counts - celebrating one of the most special days in anyone's life.